We Have a Bigger Gym!

Apologies for the radio silence but the last couple weeks have been rather eventful.

Yes, we moved the gym!

Even though the details of said move would make a great broadway show or at least two family guy episodes I will spare you

Instead, I shall outline the reasons for the move as well as our vision for the gym.

Why did we move?

The high road answer is that we needed more space. ( we also got tired of overpaying our share of the rent).

Why do we need more space?

To keep pushing forward and being the best gym in NYC and beyond!

What makes our place special?

Let’s take a step back and scrutinize why the fitness industry is largely a failure.

Most gyms are poorly equipped , generic rooms with weights that do not produce results , especially if we take into account the amount of energy and money invested by the clients

What do most people strive for when they go to a gym?

A. Lose fat or b build muscle

The gym should facilitate said process by having qualified trainers and the right equipment. Proper equipment will enable the trainee to create maximum force with each muscle throughout the exercise without being at risk for an injury.

One should think of our gym more as a collection of fine wines or art, curated over years. Instead of simply going to gym source and getting a. truck full of machines we are dealing with six different equipment makers in order to find the best of each for you.

Custom made dumbbells, converging chest press, diverging seated row .. you name, it is all there.

Obviously, all the machines on the planet are useless without people to coach, but for that I let our award wall speak for themselves.

Why the trouble and the expenses when machines could be had much cheaper?

Because this is our home as well. We train here, we want it to be aesthetically pleasing and result producing.

This is our chance to battle the chain gyms and secure the top spot in NY.

Take a look for yourself!