What If… The Perfect Gym Existed?

Say what you want about Elon Musk but he got things moving by shaking up a complacent industry.

If it wasn’t for him, car makers would be making bigger SUVs by now, not electric cars.

Do you know which industry is also ripe for a shake up? The gym industry.

It is hopelessly stuck in the 1970s. In fact, the gym industry is a scam.

Wow… strong language. Ok , let me elaborate on my theory.

Gyms are basically set up to make people fail while taking their money.

What do I mean?

The business model is such: you pay us up front or every month but never come back. The attendance rate in gyms is about 18%, imagine if everyone showed up??

Here is what happens if someone joins a gym:

He/she might get a lame tour of the facility, the class schedule and price list for protein shakes.

How’s the person going to make the right decision in terms of sculpting his body? That is right.. he will not!

So let’s ask ourselves: What do people want when they join a gym?

For 99% of humanity, the answer is looking better and not being injured.

Now, the gym goer could eventually build a program that will deliver these results but you are looking at years of trial and error, doubled up with periods of no results, injuries, stop and go… you get the idea.

How awesome would it be if a chain of gyms existed where you were set up to succeed?????

Great idea Maik, but how would that work?

Here is a rough blue print:

1. Upon coming to the gym, we agree on why we are here, meaning you want to be bigger and/or leaner. If you seek entertrainment, we are not your gym. Ifyou want results, this is the place.

2. You are here because you are least willing to try our system for a reasonable period of time.

3. The system is built on science, nothing else. In particular: how to grow the most muscle in the shortest period of time while preventing injuries and correcting your posture.

4.. Set the tools up in a way so you can’t fail. That means investing in top of the line equipment and having the personnel to properly instruct client.

5.. We arrange the tools in the order you need them, one option would be to set up the strength curve properly.

On back day the athlete would move from pull over ( the stretch) to lat pulldown ( midrange movement) to stiff arms ( contracted phase) as opposed to grouping random exercises on his own.

Another option would be to start out with an activation exercise for the muscle to be trained.

Once that is accomplished, the workout efficiency would skyrocket , more would be accomplished in less time.

That would be client side, but you also need talent to serve the customer.

If the fitness industry is a pyramid scheme ( which it is), the the consumer is at the bottom, but the trainer is not standing much higher. Gyms regularly keep 70% of the pay out and ask absurd hours, the result being that you create burned out rep counters, not coaches.


Offer the trainers a way out of the pay by session hamster wheel by creating a path where they can become partners in the business. This way there is greater motivation to help others succeed since it drives up the value of the business.

I am completely ok if you are questioning my mental capacities after reading this but we will get this done!