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With the World Cup upon us, this week’s newsletter will talk about one of the most oscillating figures that professional sports has to offer. Yes, I am talking about Cristiano Ronaldo, the best soccer player on the planet (I will welcome arguments, as I will take any opportunity to have heated discussions about the World Cup)! He has all of the genetics set up to be one of the greatest soccer players: great speed, brilliant ball handling, and immense soccer knowledge.

Although the above-mentioned skills alone would separate him from 95% of the soccer players currently playing, what makes him truly special in my opinion is his unmatched work ethic. Here are some fun facts:

Cristiano Ronaldo…

1. Sleeps 9 hours every night (Which goes against his party boy image!)

2. Eats clean (Have you seen him shirtless? Exactly.)

3. Lifts 2 hours a day in addition to his soccer practice (Again, have you seen him shirtless?)

4. Practices free kicks on his own outside of his team’s practice session

5. Has greater lateral speed than most professional sprinters

6. Runs 30-40 high speed sprints per game

7. Has improved his vertical jump to a level where most basketball players become jealous in order to have a better header

How did he do all this? You guessed it, a lot of hard work. I have said it before and I will say it again: talent alone does not mean anything if you do not put in the work. Yes, sometimes his antics on the field may get him in trouble (let’s remember that he plays over 70+ games a year and is by far one of the most fouled player out there), but one cannot argue that he does not put in the work to earn every single milestone he’s achieved in his career. It’s quite incredible and inspirational. So the next time you are feeling unmotivated, ask yourself this question: What Would Cristiano Ronaldo Do?

Until next time,
Maik Wiedenbach