Who won the battle of Waterloo?

Wellington? Not at all.
The British only held out long enough for proper military to arrive.
The gentleman in the picture, Neidhardt von Gneisenau, the brilliant chief of staff of the Prussian Army under Bluecher was the difference maker. ( if you want your kid to be made fun of in kindergarten, call him Neidhard)
After the defeat at Ligny, Napoleon expected the Prussian army to go east ie go home. This way he could focus his entire army toward Wellington and regain control over most of the European Continent.
But von Gneisenau said: The Armee geht nach Norden, nach Wavre” The army goes north, toward Wavre!  A defeated army seeking combat again in 48 hours?
Unheard of in military history.
And yet, as much as the artillery complained that they had to lug their cannons through the  mud, they arrived at Waterloo just in time to save the british and send Napoleon to St Helena.
What does that have to do with anything?
In every crisis, there is a watershed where things go either one way or another (early Texas opening anyone?)
In the context of our little #business it was May 24th. I was semi healthy, found one (1!) client willing to train outside, rode the bike from Queens all the way downtown for a session.
The proper approach would have been: ” I rather stay home and see how it pans out.” But from that one session we are able to generate three more and so forth.
Sometimes, you simply have to take the inconvenient route if you want to get out of the mud!