Sunday morning. Today is back day, which means 490+ lbs. of deadlifts, countless pull-ups, 250 lbs. seated rows, and some rope rows to finish up. After that comes a boring meal consisting of chicken or buffalo with rice. Not exactly the mainstream idea of fun, huh? Bodybuilding, like any other sport, asks for 24/7 dedication.

Why would anyone do this to himself or herself? Vanity? Sure, but that’s not all. Personally, the constant drive to better myself is what fuels me. To see how far I can go, pushing my body to the outer limits. People have called me a freak before, and I honestly feel appreciated when I hear it.

Most trainees do not have such extreme goals, but they too strive to be different. They want to change: get healthier, more fit, better looking, more lean. In short, they want to be everything the average citizen is not.

Training is a race against others; you only compete against yourself. It is also a privilege, not everyone has the means or the ability to pursue it. So embrace the pain and the stale meals, it leads to something bigger.

Until next time,
Maik Wiedenbach