Why most people never get in shape, explained in 4 simple steps!

Do Not Be A 1 Percenter

Do not be a One percenter!

No, this newsletter isnt about social injustice ( The reason being that I am not qualified to comment on such matters) but about fitness failures.

What is fitness one percenter?

It is the guy or girl who focuses on the 1% of his fitness journey such as

  1. Lonized water
  2. Squat shoes
  3. nuts grown in Ecuador, harvested by nuns between 2 and 3 pm during the last week of September.
  4. Protein powder made from dinosaur eggs
  5. Goes into the hyperbaric chamber post workout
  6. Follows the the latest , greatest workout tailored to your genetic type
  7. Does cleanses or intermittent fasting often.

Drum roll please.. nonce of these things will get you yoked The 1% er fails because he misses the 99% that actually matter.

Which are?

We came up with the 4 3 2 1 system

The Number 4

There are 4 movement patterns:  squat, hip hinge, push and pull. You have to cover them twice per week during your workouts. 

Here are some practical examples


Barbell, dumbbell, cable, or trap bar squats, 

The leg press 

All kinds of lunges  

Step ups

Hip hinge

Deadlift, good mornings or the glute ham raise ( our gym has a great machine for that)


Think all things chest such as incline, flat, decline presses or flys

Shoulder presses

Triceps press downs


can be divided up in  

Vertical pulls: Pulldowns, pullups or pullover, 

Horizontal pull: single arm rows with dumbbells  cable rows or machine rows

Here is a more comprehensive list

The number 3  

The three macronutrients !

Those would   protein, carbs and fats which you can use to either bulk up or lose weight.

Lose weight

1 gram of protein per lbs bodyweight
1 gram of carbs per lbs of bodyweight
.05 grams fats per lbs of bodyweight

For bulking simply double carbs and fats, leave the protein as is.

The following video gives you a very simple break down


The number 2

stands for the two ends of each muscle which you must bring together or contract. 

That seems logical but is often overlooked. The goal in the gym is not to move weights but to train a muscle. The more muscular work you can master, the better you will look!

The Number 1 is you!

If you manage 4 3 2, you are on your way to 1 brand new You! PLease reach out if you want us to help with your training , be it in person or online.