Why Reading This Book Will Get you in Great Shape!

During the last week I started rereading “Kitchen Confidential” by the late Anthony Bourdain.

For those unfamiliar with this masterpiece , it is basically a chef’s odyssey through the NY restaurant world. Bankruptcies, successes, coke binges, burn outs, disasters, the mob, machine guns in the kitchen.. you name it , it’s there.

Here is a guy who had the highest highs and lowest lows, think going between being unemployed and a vegetable on his bed for months on end to cooking in some of the hottest spots in NY.

Ok, great but why read the book?

One, it is one of the funniest books you will ever read. The chapter ” Adam Whats His Name” should be required reading.

Secondly, I find it very motivating.

How so? No matter how hard he fell , he climbed back up. yes, it often took months and some financial desperation but he did ( Yes, I know that he committed suicide. If you want to judge other peoples demons, be my guest)

This guy opened more businesses than entire states do!

Third, he really worked when opening a restaurant. Think 7 days, 16 hours for weeks.

First at the fish market, last out of the kitchen.

He also was never above anything or anyone. Sear the steaks? Sure. Check the pasta? I got you. His hands were basically calluses, burns and cuts with fingers.

Why did he do it? Because he loved cooking! And he wanted to create something special.

Combine only four ingredients for an amazing pasta, make the oily bluefish hip , create a unique dining experience in NY.

Sure, he wanted to get paid but the main motivation was simply his love of food. Otherwise you simply can’t work those hours.

Interestingly enough, he admitted that when starting out his career he chased the almighty dollar and was never a sous chef in a great restaurant. According to him, this is why he never got three Michelin stars.

In a way I see a lot of myself in the book. That enthusiasm and zest for being the best is something I try to bring to my profession.

Basically, I have wanted to lift weights since I was 12 years old. Work does not feel like work but a well paid hobby.

Certainly have had my share of disasters and small successes but as a company we strive to provide excellence on a daily basis.

The best programs, best coaches, best equipment ( machines just for incline curls or side raises? No doubt!).. most importantly: we all care because we bodybuilders ourselves, We want the client to be happy, not because that pays but because this is us..

Side bar: we just got ranked top 20 ! https://www.instituteofpersonaltrainers.com/blog/the-20-best-personal-trainers-in-new-york

How does Kitchen Confidential relate to Fitness?

1. Respect the learning curve.

2. Do not let setbacks discourage you.

3. Put in the hours.

4. Do it because you enjoy it, not to impress others