Why we keep fighting!

Someone asked me the other day: Why not close the shop and go work at bigger gym when things reopen?
Sure, that would be the easier path but there are a few reasons why we do not consider doing anything the like.
1. This is our home too. We built it, we bought the equipment, built up the clients base, fixed the AC..
Locking the gym was one of the saddest moments in my life ( worse than the World Cup 2018)
2.Manhattan is already getting boring enough. The last thing anyone needs is another small business going bust so that Duane Reade or Starbucks can move in.
3. We are good at we do. There . I said it. We are good coaches, which is why we voted NYC best trainers. So we are not going to anywhere.
4. We care. We do know everyone who walks and we value every single client. We know who has a bad shoulder, a short night, a not so nice boss or a crazy dog and we can adjust the workout accordingly.
5. We want to make a difference by helping each and everyone of you, whether you come four times a week or once a month.
6. We do not have a back up plan. The gym is our hub, everything goes from there. One on one training, live videos, short clips… you name it. Shane might have pot of gold in Ireland, so maybe we use this as a collateral.
7. We genuinely love fitness. This isn’t a job for us, but a calling. We enjoy passing on our knowledge about training and clean eating to others and sure, one needs to get paid, but if you have met us you would agree that isn’t our main motivation.
So in conclusion, rest assured we are here and not going anywhere.
We can offer you 1-1 virtual coaching till this passes, small group classes or simply helping you with a routine / diet. Simply reach out and stay safe!
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