Why your Muscles are not Growing!

What is really holding us back from gaining muscle?

A few things in my opinion:

We are not spending  enough time where we are weak which is usually the contracted phase of an exercise.


1. When doing a lat pull down, the motion often ends before the upper arms connect with the body.
2. Biceps curls do not end in a full outward twist
3. If you are one of the few people that train legs, leg extension are often stopped short before flexion occurs
4. Side raises are always done poorly, especially on the top.
5. The stiff arm lat pulldown stops in front of the body instead of going behind.
Why do we do it? Simple,  it is easier. The last part is where is truly hurts and most of us do

On the other extreme we have the stretched phase of certain exercises we like to avoid as well.
Such as :
1. Beginning phase of stretched flies
2. Start of the lat pull over
3. Finish of Stiff legged deadlifts
4. End of Sissy squats

Why does this matter?

The strength curve is like an upside down U, the book ends being the contracted and stretched phase, the midrange being the more powerful middle.

So what? I can just train the midrange where I am strongest!
Yes, you can but
1. You will not reach your full potential
2. Your risk of injury will be higher since the muscles won’t be in balance.
So, spend time where you are not so great or as the Navy Seals say ” Embrace the Suck”
Best tips to grow !


Watch the video above!