How the World Cup Explains Everything!


Everybody knows that you can explain everything in life with Fussball or as you guys call it , soccer. As I am sitting here, trying to digest the horrible play by the defending World Champions and the subsequently early exit (worst showing in 80 years or to visualize it last time we were that bad we had the guy with weird mustache in charge..), I can not help it but to link it to bodybuilding. How so, you ask?

Watch and see, young Jedi.
1. Past performance does indicate future results
Everyone assumed that because of the strong showings from 2002 to 2016, Germany was a shoe in for at least quarterfinals, until they weren’t.
Why? Complacency.
In the world of fitness, the equivalent is the guy/girl that lives in the past. All too often, someone comes up to me saying: “Hey Maik,you know I used to look like you”
Hmm A. doubtful and B. what does it matter? What was your last meal? Last workout? Whatever you did in 2014 is certainly outstanding, but it is also not relevant for today. Too many of the German players were coasting on their laurels and only giving it 95%, which is not enough at that level. The results speak for themselves, pun intended.

2. Your competition is wide awake and hungry so make sure you are as well. If you are competitor, be aware that there is some guy/girl who got that extra rep or the extra hour of sleep. If you do not intent of competing I urge you to get at least a neutral friend with a camera who will take pics of at the same angle/ same day every week, along with your bodyweight. Do not look for excuses such as ” the scale is off” , ” it must be water” ” can not be right” If you do that, you will exit the tournament early.
As humans we generally only do our best when we are held accountable by an outside figure. As much as you hated your mom checking your homework, fact is you (I for sure) would not have graduated High School had it not been for a subtle push from the outside

3. Are you really 100 % prepared? The German team was telling everyone who was willing to listen that they ” were hungry, 100 % ready to defend the title.” In fact, the word hunger was mentioned so often that I almost could hear some stomachs growling. Yet, when I watched the first game vs Mexico all I saw was arrogance and lethargy.
Ask yourself: am I training as intelligent as can be? (please note: I did not say training as hard as can be) Am I designing workouts via science or broscience if you need help watch this video or even better contact me directly

4.. Sometimes it is better to experience total disaster so you can rebuild. If Hummels header in the 82 nd minute goes in, Germany wins and moves on. All is well? No, you just got lucky. Instead we are now facing embarrassment ,so that ” das Reboot'” is the only valid option going forward.. But it must be handled properly.
Instead of blaming, the referees , your coaches (especially if it is me) or your genetics ( nothing to be done) simply go back to the drawing board and do a ruthless analysis as to what was done and what you need to do better. With that I am hopeful for 2022!