Yes, People Do Change!



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When the gentleman with the funky hair walked into our gym to interview as a trainer in mid 2021, I did not have the highest hopes regarding his career with us.

Struck me as a video playing kid without much direction. In fact he was on my mental chopping block.

Well, I was wrong. Not only did he hold his own during the rather chaotic move in October 2021 ( our lovely “partners ” calling the cops on us for taking our equipment…), he also matured greatly as a trainer and person.

He consistently gets high marks from his clients, is always early for the session and I have yet to get a complaint.

Last year, he started dieting with the goal to take pics. For a while, I let him be since most people do not see a prep through all the way.

That wasn’t the case with him, so come May I got involved and booked the photographer while sharing my .02 regarding posing.

I then threw the ultimate challenge at him: “I’ll help you with the posing but only at 6am…”

Hilly was never late for our sessions despite having the longest commute in the company.

Looking at the end result, I am proud of this development not just as a bodybuilder but as a human.

Way to go Hilly.!