You do not quit – ever!

One of the things I am most grateful for that my mother gave me ( aside from my fabulous looks) is the mindset instilled in me is that you finish things, whether you like it or not.
Or, in her words: One does not just quit.
We do live in a strange time, there is opportunity just as there is despair.
As I am observing the gym landscape in nYC, I see a lot of places doing new and interesting things, others are stuck in 2018.
We all had the same 6 months of shutdown, the question is what did you do with it? Did you use it productively or did Netflix win the day?
With that I am announcing the release of our app
Maik Wiedenbach coaching, available in the google play store.
The evil empire ( apple) is still holding it up)
What does it entail?
1. A free workout section with 3 awesome workouts, to be done at home or with minimal equipment
2. A premium workout section with workouts that I use with in person clients and myself. This will be updated monthly
3. Educational videos on nutrition, diet, mindset, training
4. Snippets of my blog aka rants.
All in all it is a great value product, compared with all the fluff out here. Anyone who follows the workouts and nutrition advice will improve. No questions asked.
Please post nice reviews!
Back to topic!
The feeling of having created something from scratch and brought it to the mass market is very fulfilling.
Now mind you, there is no way I could have done this by myself. We were extremely fortunate to get jump started by a business angel but we did follow through while dealing with a lot of disasters.
And yes, in normal times this would have been done 10 weeks ago but I simply do not have the luxury of undisturbed screen time .
But even a small app like ours requires 200+ short videos, 10-15 long ones, workout plans written etc.
Then there are the lovely surprises when you shoot for three hours, just to realize that the sound was off.
Or you write a workout, it looks great on paper and as you do it you realize that is garbage.
Then you rewrite it but now Tuesday and Wednesday overlap.
Seeing things through and finishing them, especially in hard times is a feature which will set you apart.
Any prospective clients coming to our gym will see new equipment, an increase in business and an app. That puts us in the winners circle and who does not want to be in it?
Thank you for staying with us in a difficult time!