You have been Scammed!

While being on a mini vacation I took a trip down memory lane and read some books about stock market frauds, namely Enron, Valeant and Theranos
All scams have the same pattern
1. People on the inside knew for years, sometimes even decades but were either paid off or bullied into silence.

2. The scam has to have charismatic leadership such as Elizabeth Holmes, Jeff Skilling,or John Pearson .

3. Create a cultlike atmosphere ” Us against the world”

4. Each scam has a black box but “we can not show you the box, just believe me”. Nobody ever knew how Enron hit their earnings numbers but they always did. Nobody really understood the way Theranos tested for blood or how Valeant paid for all these acquisitions but it sounded cool!

5. The main reason the scam works is because people want to believe the product works. We want an easy drug testing system, a rapidly growing successful company or a new way to trade energy.

The fitness world or personal training in NYC is no different,
1. Most CF coaches know about the dangers of the workouts but chose to be quiet. Result: more injuries than the NFL on a percentage base.

2. Each sleazy product comes with a great sales person think Mike 6packworkouts, some fast talking NYC personal trainers  or Vince Del Monte

3. Cult like behavior ( taken a cross fit class lately)?

4. The black box . Intermittent fasting keeps touting the additional HGH release but does not tell does what happens with the extra HGH but it sure sounds great, or think of the old ‘ this Siberian herb will make you huge” line…..

5. The scam works because we want to we all want a new way and quicker to build muscle or lose fat.
Here is what really matters: when people go to the gym they have one of two goals
1. Lose fat
2. Build muscle
For that you need maximum tension, maximum tension will give the body a reason to keep muscle during a time of caloric restriction or build more if there is a caloric surplus.
The need for maximum tension eliminates all hopping jumping and swinging , so there goes that!
3. You need to find exercises that allow you to create maximum tension.
4. You need to create a split that allows you to train the whole body twice.
5 . You need to hit your macros

There, no black box but I do volunteer as cult leader!