Bigger Arms-Look Great for Summer!

Big arms are the ultimate measure of masculinity  (at least amongst the visible body parts), as for the girls they can make or break a sleeveless dress appearance.

So how do you get them?

First things first, I do not have great arms ( hence the pic of the other German speaking bodybuilder) but I spent the better part of the last 10 years finding out what works and what does not, which makes me some sort of an authority on the subject.

Here are my findings

1. Train heavy.

You arms will not get bigger or “toned” ( There is really no word as to how much I hate that term!) by doing endless reps of cable curls.
In order to force your body into visible change, you simply must work the most effective arm exercises such as the decline close grip bench, pull ups, overhead presses and bent over rows with progressively heavier weights.

2. Train all ranges.
You need to train all three positions of the strength curve. I have written about this before, but most people neglect this aspect of training. Each workout should contain one exercise for each of the following positions     
           Stretched position – Incline curls, overhead extension
Mid-range or power position – Standing barbell curls, dips
           Contracted position – Concentration curls, kick backs

3. Watch the wrist/elbow.

Positioning plays a huge role when it comes to training arms. Always keep the wrist neutral when training biceps since it becomes a forearm exercise otherwise. When doing any type of press down, always tuck the elbow slightly behind you to ensure that the triceps can be properly stretched.

 4. Sit down.

I find it beneficial to perform most arm exercises seated, since there is one less thing (balance) to worry about and you can truly focus on the mind-muscle connection.

 5.Clean up your diet.

I have written about that in the past but let me reiterate once more: You can not out-exercise a poor diet! If you do not want your arms to look like prosciuttos, then get lean all around.

That would be all. As always thanks for reading, it is truly a pleasure to   write for you guys and I am honored to have such an awesome audience. … Please share, forward this info and feel free to re-post!