Happy Birthday, Sophie!

Today would have been Sophie Scholls 100th birthday and being somewhat of a historian, I feel compelled to work this event into my newsletter. For those that never heard of her, she was a member of a resistance group during the Third Reich, named the White Rose. Sophie along with her brother Hans and several others […]

The letter K

The pandemic is over- or is it? One of the most fascinating aspects of the whole covid situation is that there is no one Covid experience. There is only your experience that day which depends on geography, gender, relationship statue, income etc etc. In certain parts of the world, things are getting better and there might […]

Now you are just being mean!

Last Saturday my man Jay and i made a quick video why the barbell bench press simply isnt a great chest exercise since it simply does not engage many fibers. On the bright side, we got 1 million views. On the other hand, we got a lot of hateful comments. granted this is social media where everyone […]

NY is back! Or is it?

Is NY back? This being Easter it only makes sense to talk about resurrection , I mean has anyone recently checked out NY basketball recently? Two play-off teams!! But aside from five guys in shorts throwing a ball into a basket, is the city back? I would say there are definitely green sprouts to be found. […]

We won again! Best Personal Trainer NYC!

This will be a rather short newsletter: We won best personal trainer NY! Again! I am so proud of my crew and what they have accomplished, against all odds. In the midst of the biggest catastrophe in NY for the last 100 years, these guys simply never gave up. They rebuilt the business from scratch, […]

Things are never as bad as they seem!

Things are never as good or as bad as they seem to be Hi everyone, for a moment imagine being a soldier at the eastern Front 1944 somewhere in the Ukraine. Thousands are dead, the landscape a wasteland and it seems that this madness will go on for years. If I told you that within 12 years from there […]

Are gyms dead?

There is no doubt that the pandemic has and will change many areas of our lives. We will certainly not go back to the office of 2019 nor the movie theater, even education will change. Why? The old forms of doing things simply weren’t all that efficient . If people can be as productive from home, why […]

Behind the mask

Behind the mask … Today one of my pet peeves occurred: someone aka a prospect was late. As in very late..think 40 minutes. I thought to myself: ” How can you be so unreliable? This will never amount to anything.” As I started training him, I heard my mother in the back of my head, […]

Why Warren Buffet is a bodybuilder- sort of!

This newsletter was inspired by the manic trading action in GameStop , ticker GME. For those not living in the US, the short was heavily shorted, a bunch of small traders got together to drive the price from 13 $ to 430$. Rags to riches? Yes, a few people made a lot of money. But someone […]

Thriving, not surviving!

What Friederich der Grosse can teach us in 2021 As you may have figured out, German history is a subject that is dear to me. So I jump at every opportunity to bring it into the newsletter or any random conversation as well. Friedrich’s birthday this past Sunday is as good of an excuse as any. So […]