Overcoming adversity!

There is a lot of talk about overcoming adversity and being positive these days but I do not find it all that actionable. Therefore I decided to compress my 2020 experiences into this newsletter. Disaster struck twice, as I lost the business and got sick with covid within 48h. Additionally, living in NY was ( for […]

In order to save the city, we had to destroy it!

In order to save the city, we had to destroy it” said a US Army Lieutenant after the battle of Hue during the Set offensive 1968. Without getting a morality debate about weighting US imperialism vs irregular VC warfare, we shall simply look at the statement as such. Destroy the city to save it. Save […]

New Toys are here!

Yes, We live in very dark and unpredictable times. But today I want to talk about things that really matter: the biceps bench as seen in the picture du jour. Because…biceps make everything better and the idea of building a massive steel structure just to train a vanity muscle is simply genius. No, this isn’t about 20 inch […]

One tried

50 years ago Willy Brandt did something remarkable. Obviously I am talking about him breaking protocol and kneeling at the memorial of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising 1944. The Warsaw ghetto uprising so some of the worst war crimes which was brutally put down by the SS Sturmbrigade Dirlewanger ( consisting of criminals , similar to the Proud Boys of […]

Should you have a Christmas tree this year?

I had one of these masked elevator exchanges in my building, where my counterpart said ” We are not having a Christmas tree this year, not feeling festive” Being german my first reaction was : Tannenbaum muss. Immer. Then I thought about it and I could somewhat understand him. My mother passed around Christmas, so […]

The Death Star has Exploded!

It took only four month, several blood and saliva samples as well as my written ancestry dating back to 1750, but finally Apple has approved our app. To be downloaded here In order to adapt for the times we live, we made the in home or lockdown workouts free of charge. If you could […]

Messi or Maradona?

Another casualty of 2020 , Diego Maradona . What a sad story . However, If we lived in a normal world the water cooler conversation would be: So who was better- Maradona or Messi? Ok, let’s take a look: World Cup 1986 Maradona beats the whole world, incl West Germany ( ugh) basically by himself. Yes, there […]

Break the streak!

The following news probably means nothing to anyone except my brother and I ( hi, Jan) but for the first time in 11 (!!!!) years, our soccer /football team did not lose vs Bayern Munich. We drew and could have even won! Granted I am biased but let’s have a look as to why we got a point […]

Damn the torpedoes- buy junk bonds!

Did this become an investment newsletter? Far from it but I do want to point out certain comings and goings on Wall Street. Love ’em or hate ’em, we can all agree that some reasonably smart people work at Manhattans tip which is the financial capital of the planet. When the pandemic hit, they where […]

Covid fatigue- it is real and you are not crazy to feel the way you feel!

Before I go into today’s newsletter, let me state that I am aware that I live in a fishbowl with a rather specific perspective. NYC has been hit harder than most places ,additionally I caught the virus myself and I own a business so I do check all the boxes. That said, let’s dive into the material. What is […]