How To Make REAL Progress in the GYM

How To Make REAL Progress in the GYM!

visit us! PSA – or how to progress in the gymThis isn’t a public service announcement, although it sort of is since I ll be helping many to achieve their physique goals. You know what really matters when training for a better body? Not sets, reps and weights- yes these metrics matter too but not […]

The FlyWheel Effect!

The FlyWheel Effect!

Compounding Efforts Do Work! Claim Your Free Workout! The flywheel effect is a concept in physics that refers to the tendency of a rotating object to maintain its momentum and continue rotating due to its inertia. In business and management, the flywheel effect is used as a metaphor to describe the momentum that is built […]


You are tired and it’s ok

You are tired and it’s ok When you talk to people from all corners of the earth you can not help but find a common theme: I am tired/exhausted/ run down. And I find that very understandable The last two, (going on three) years were not easy on anyone. In between covid, politics, Ukraine, Iran, […]

Maik Wiedenbach

Maik Wiedenbach Takes a Data-Driven Approach to Bodybuilding

Maik Wiedenbach Takes a Data-Driven Approach to Bodybuilding Data analytics is changing the face of sports as we know it, and Major League Baseball is one of the most visible examples. The Cubs’ 2016 World Cup win, the Astros’ 2017 World Series championship win, and the Red Sox’s 2004 World Series win were all achieved with contributions […]

getting Fat

HELP! The Holidays Are Here And I Am Getting Fat!

Claim Your Free Workout! The Holidays are upon us! Help I am getting fat If you live in the northern hemisphere, you will undoubtedly be confronted with darker days, colder temperatures and heavier foods. And every year, there seems to be a collective weight gain as in 8lbs per person. Full disclosure: I personally enjoy [...]
Brian Johnson

The Liver King or how to spot a charlatan!

I figured that might be as good a time as any to expose one of the biggest frauds in the fitness industry We shall talk about the liver king. Who is he? Brian Johnson, 44 from Texas. That is about all we know of him via his social media. He promotes what he calls an […]

Our gym turns one year old

Our gym turns one year old!

Time flies, but it’s true :October 1st marks the birthday of our little dream in green . Truth to be told, with what is happening in the Ukraine, Iran and the broader economic picture I did not feel like celebrating at first. But as I was sitting there on Saturday, looking over a crowded gym […]

Do Not Be A 1 Percenter

Why most people never get in shape, explained in 4 simple steps!

Do not be a One percenter! No, this newsletter isnt about social injustice ( The reason being that I am not qualified to comment on such matters) but about fitness failures. What is fitness one percenter? It is the guy or girl who focuses on the 1% of his fitness journey such as Lonized water […]

You dont want to miss this.

Jay featured on billboard in New York’s Times Square

Big news upfront: Courtesy of Men’s journal , our very own Jay was featured on a Time’s Square billboard, well deserved and a huge accomplishment. If you must know, the small pic in the corner is me. Success is often compared with the iceberg, meaning you only see 10 % above water ( you all […]