The long road back!

The long road back

Since this question came up: how ones one feel post coronavirus ?
The short answer is: I do not know.
On the physical side, it seems that the recovery from the virus is not linear, to put it mildly.
If you are to bounce back from a garden-variety illness, you notice improvement every day .
 Not so with this. There are bouts of loss of cardiovascular ability, weakness, splitting headaches, blurry vision, overall fatigue and loss of smell/taste.
All these symptoms seem to appear and disappear in random patters, so you might have a good day and then two bad ones or vice versa.
Keep in mind, these are just my experiences.
What makes it even more frustrating is that nobody has an answer due to the newness of the illness. We are hearing more and more about said recovery symptoms but do not know how to handle them.
All this creates tremendous mental stress on the patient. ” Great news, you are healed but you can’t see and you are still unemployed!”
What we are seeing more and more that the number of people suffering from depression and anxiety because of the virus keeps on going up.
There is also the element of grieving
People have lost loved ones, their jobs, their movement…in short the world as we knew it has radically changed and we do not know what the new reality will look like.
What is to be done?
1. Being a coach, the one thing I can tell you for a fact that you must do is to improve your cardio with pushing too hard. Any type of performance rests on an aerobic base. If your base is weak, you can not be a great bodybuilder, boxer etc. Take daily walks and add a block a day.
2. Eat clean but keep calories in mind. You should eat clean but if your appetite is not there at all, it is ok to eat some junk in order to get some calories in.
3. As for the other symptoms , it gets fuzzy. As of now, nobody seems to have a better answer than :” give it time.”
4. In terms of the mental part of all this, it is ok to grieve as long as it is not all you do. Connect with as many people as you can, interact, chat, laugh ,exchange pizza recipes… you name it.
I have to believe that this will end and the question what do we learn from it. There is opportunity in crisis as well.
Speaking for new opportunities, since my condition is gradually improving, I decided to set up a fitness app with the help of my team . It is something I want to do for a while but if you can’t see/read these things become difficult
What you will find once it is all done.
1. an exercise library
2. In home workouts by Greg
3. Functional workouts and cooking videos from Shane
4. High intensity/ boxing videos coming from Jonas and Carlos.
5. Seminars and Q and As where you get to enjoy my ramblings toward popular fitness themes.
We are working on getting this out soon but keep in mind everyone of us is facing unique challenges such as having the kids at home, keeping a business afloat, being a home school teacher etc.
Stay tuned!
Maik and team!